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Mesón Hermanos Carrasco - Historia

The Carrasco family’s passion for cuisine is rooted in the typical friendliness and warmth of family restaurants. Born in Jerez de la Frontera, the three brothers became part of the hospitality business thanks to their uncle Salvador Rodríguez Barroso. Nowadays, they have their own style characterised by the creation of unique dishes which evoke traditions of the Spanish cuisine.
Juan Manuel Carrasco is a master in the kitchen. His love for food and cooking began way back in 1993 at the Hoya Fría headquarters, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, when he was not able to tell a pan from a strainer.
A man who made it up as he went along, reading lots of books and passing test after test. It is said that sea breams and turbots volunteer to be cooked by his hands.
Passionate about the wine world, Pepe Carrasco is both knowledgeable and humble in his approach to service. His kindness and expertise will welcome you in a refined atmosphere.
A good combination of professionalism and personal style which does not allow for any imitation, as they are inimitable. Two brothers characterised by their naturalness and humbleness who know where they are going but do not forget where they come from.